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Chiu Chow Styled Dessert 潮人潮食潮糖水 [ SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

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俗語有云,女人係有兩個胃,SPD4459天長地九龍城食家指南既小編有五女一男有十一個胃,食完清真菜明顯就未夠喉啦! 而識食既你又試過潮州糖水未呢? 未就啱喇! 跟住SPD4459天長地九龍城食家指南既小編黎到只隔幾條街嘅潮州合成甜品試下啦!
After enjoyed a great Islam Food, It’s dessert time for sure! Have you ever tried Chiu Chow styled dessert in Hong Kong? If not, you should come and visit Chiu Chow Hop Shing Dessert which located in Kowloon City! SPD4459

The 70s’ decorations here are trying to tell the story of the store to everyone. Those old chairs, round shaped tables, old newspaper clippings & magazines, 80s’ pop songs were driving us back to the past.

呢度既糖水款式超過80種,而大部份都係以綠豆、百合、馬蹄同清心丸作不同配搭而成嘅糖水! 當中潮州糖水嘅特色就係多渣同比較甜身嘅!SPD4459
There are more than 80 desserts we can choose! Most of them are different combinations of green beans, lily, water chestnut and QQ pills. The uniqueness about Chiu Chow Styled sweet soup are lots of ingredients and high sweetness.

We have ordered:

Lotus Seed and QQ pills soup

幫我地落單個大姐話佢地用咗最靚嘅蓮子,以慢火熬足6個鐘頭整咖! 既然佢都咁講,唔試就對唔住大家啦! 果然,蓮子入口即溶! 我地直情懷疑呢碗係天神唔小心跌左落凡間嘅蓮子清心丸呀! 必定要試!SPD4459
The waitress said they have chosen high quality lotus seed which low heated with 6 hours to make their dessert. Therefore, we were tempted to try this! Indeed, those lotus seeds melted immediately in our mouth with a perfect taste! It should be the best lotus seeds’ dessert we have tried ever!

Mung Bean Sweet Soup with QQ Pills 

呢個糖水好足料! 清心丸煙靱彈牙! 再加上綠豆軟綿綿嘅質感夠晒滋潤,啱哂所有DRY爆一族啊!
This sweet soup mde with lots of Mung beans and QQ pills which are super chewy and yummy! It is a nourishing sweet soup which suitable for everyone especially teenagers!

Sesame Soft Ball 

擂沙糖丸同糖不甩唔同嘅係有餡嘅湯丸! 擂沙糖丸比你有3種驚喜層次! 煙煙靭靭嘅湯丸皮加上甜甜嘅麻蓉餡,面頭仲有好多花生芝麻碎! 味道豐富有層次! 不得了!SPD4459
This soft ball is different from mini sugary dumplings. Sesame Soft Ball contains 3 different layers which filled with peanuts and sesame seeds with a chewy glutinous rice layer! With a little bit sweetened peanuts and sesame seeds on the outer layer, it just made my day!

最後想講,呢度招呼唔錯,好貼心同好有禮貌! 希望佢地繼續將潮式糖水發揚光大! 下次一定會再黎食過!SPD4459
All of them are very polite and thoughtful! We wish that they can to flourish the unique Chui Chow Styled dessert in the future! We will definitely visit here again!

The following infomations are about Chiu Chow Hop Shing Dessert:
地址: 九龍城龍崗道9號地下
G/F, 9 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City
電話/Tel:(852) 2383 3026
營業時間/Opening hours:12:30-01:00

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