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老餅is not just for 老餅! 豪華餅店 Hoover Cake Shop [ SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

今日spd4459 天長地九龍城區食家指南就介紹一間歷史悠久既老字號餅店啦。雖然豪華餅店既裝就唔係太豪華, 亦冇五光十色既招牌,亦冇用射燈射住d廚窗,但係就有一種舊式餅店既情懷。
Today, spd4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage Guidebook would like to introduce an old bakery in Kowloon City, called  Hoover Cake Shop. There is no luxurious decoration but HERITAGE.

 黎到舊式餅店, 緊係食下香港前港督都特登番黎食既蛋撻啦! 我地五點幾六點去買, 咁岩又岩岩出爐喎! 識食蛋撻一定要食熱辣辣既, 如果唔係一定差幾個LEVEL。從老闆娘手中接過熱辣辣既穌皮蛋撻, 當然即刻一啖噬落去啦, 個穌皮好鬆化, 可見佢焗既火侯係岩岩好, D蛋漿好滑, 而且相比一般既蛋撻味道係冇咁甜, 而突顯左蛋既香味, 岩哂我呢D鐘意食蛋撻而唔鐘食太甜既人。但係價錢真係唔平, 7蚊一隻, 係普通餅店可以買到兩隻。
We bought the favorite dessert of the post Hong Kong Governer - Egg tart. We arrived at around 6p.m., the egg tarts were just taken out from the oven. An egg tart is the best when it is hot. The puff pastry is great and the egg paste is so smooth, the baking time must be so accurate. The taste of the egg tart is less sweeten than usual, but it just perfectly shows the taste of egg. This is awesome for those who like egg tarts that is not too sweet.
忌廉包。忌廉既份量岩岩好, 唔會食到成口都係CREAM, 個麵包好軟。雖然忌廉包係一樣好普通既食物, 但係從呢個包我地好似搵番一種童年既味道, 相信冇番咁上下歷鍊, 係唔會食得出呢種味道。
Cream bread. The among of cream is  just fit so it won't make your mouth filling with the cream. The bread is very soft. Cream bread is not a special food, but we found the taste of our childhood. Maybe it's because we miss those days much.

呢粒芒果糯米滋好唔好食? 相信上面幅圖已經答左你啦。不過老實講, 呢樣都係幾好食,但就唔係太特別啦, 所以我地會建議太家下次去試D 傳統D同有特色既餅。
Is that mango mochi tasty? You could find the answer on our group-mate's face :D. Honestly, this mochi is tasty but it is not very special. We would recommend you to try something more traditional and special when you get there.

呢間餅店其實仲有好多特色野我地未試,其實都好想試, 但係我地個胃容量有限, 所以真係想大家真係去試下, 到時推介番比我地啦!
There are too many good stuff on the menu, we cannot try them all. We hope you guys to try more and tell us!
136 Nga Tsin Wai Road, Kowloon City
星期一至日 Mon - Sun : 06:00-22:00

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