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Yoo....食完個甜品,梗係又到食正餐ge 時間la!!!食過韓國菜、台灣菜、日本菜,今次就帶大家去食四川菜。一去到呢間餐廳,就已經俾果種傳統中國特色ge 裝修吸引,心諗,就算唔食得都睇得,咩都抵la。

Yoo...after having dessert, we have to eat something for dinner. This time is introducing Sichuan dishes to you. When I arrived this restaurant, the decoration of restaurant was so attractive. 

EAT hard PLAY hard

入到餐廳,坐低一睇個餐牌,嘩,d 選擇多到對於一個有選擇困難症ge SPD4459天長地九龍城食家指南既小編來講,真係揀成半個鐘都揀唔到食咩,因為呢到淨係擔擔麵都有成6、7個款。好la....到最後小編揀 jor 3樣野: 2個唔同款ge擔擔麵,1個砂鍋雲吞雞煲。

When I saw the menu, many options were offered as there were around 6-7 types of Dan Dan noodles. However, SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage Guidebook ordered 3 dishes at the end. 


唔講咁多,即刻為大家介紹第一道菜: 改良擔擔麵。呢款麵一放上枱已經聞到好大陣花生味,而一碗麵ge 精髓在於個湯底,SPD4459天長地九龍城食家指南既小編
當然急不及待試一試,個湯"杰"到一入口已經被濃郁ge 花生味充斥住。跟住食埋個麵,彈牙又煙韌,完全不負所望。

The first one was Dan Dan noodles without spicy. As the soup was the spirit of noodles, SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage Guidebook tried the soup first. The soup was so creamy and with strongly smell of peanut. I ate the noodles afterward and tasted so good. 

而另一道菜就係: 麻辣擔擔麵。湯底濃,麵彈牙,是常識吧!!!但係呢個麵要推介ge 係真係辣得好過癮,會食到出汗,感覺唔到條脷存在,所以一定適合嗜辣ge 朋友!!!

The second dish was Dan Dan noodles with spicy. The soup and noodles didn't have much different with the previous one but the most important of this noodles was the level of spicy. The level of spicy could let you sweating during eating the noodles. Therefore, people who are likely to eat something spicy needed to try this. 

YanYan 228

到最後就係: 砂鍋雲吞雞煲。個湯好清甜,隻雞又嫩滑,雲吞夠皮薄,最重要係個湯有大量娃娃菜,咁就唔驚多肉少菜,識食一定係咁食la~~~~

Finally, this dish included sweet soup, chicken, wonton in Chinese style and many vegetables. The quantity of vegetables could be balanced your diet. 


食完成餐飯,感覺: 色、香、味俱全,連視覺都滿足埋,唔係唔去試下ma?

To sum up, my five senses were satisfied after having dinner in this restaurant so I highly recommend this to you.

The following information is about Wing Lai Yuen:

Address: Shop 102-103&105, Site 8, Wonderful Worlds Of Whampoa, 7 Tak On Street, Hung Hum, Hong Kong, Hung Hom 
電話:(852) 2320 6430
營業時間:星期一至日:11:00-15:30; 18:00-22:30 (留枱10分鐘,人齊方可入座)
Opening hour: Mon-Sun:11:00-15:30; 18:00-22:30(Seats are reserved at most for 10 minutes before all attendants are present)

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