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仁沙洞 In Sa Dong Korean Restaurant [ SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage]

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SPD4459天長地九龍城食家指南既小編梗係食住上,所以今次就介紹韓國菜。呢間仁沙洞裝修唔算好靚,但贏在d 野好食,價錢相宜,平均$50-60 都落到樓。仲諗咩?梗係look 落去睇相la...

Since Korean cultural is popular in Hong Kong nowadays, a Korean restaurant was chosen to introduce to you all. It doesn't have much decoration of this restaurant but it serves good quality at a reasonable price which costs around $50-60. Don't hesitate, let's see more details below: 



第一樣要介紹ge 就係黑ma ma ge 炸醬飯,本身見到個樣好似好唔吸引,但係食jor 第一啖已經覺得好味到好似食到黯然叉燒飯咁,唔辣,甜甜地,但最緊要係將蛋黃插穿撈埋d 炸醬同飯一齊食。

The first one is the rice with dark sauce. It looks not so attractive but it is unexpected delicious. This dish isn't spicy but a bit sweet. The best way to taste this is to mix the egg yolk with rice. 


第二樣就係石頭鍋飯,味道唔錯,酸酸辣辣咁,但食呢個飯ge 特點係會有個韓國staff 走黎幫你撈,希望可以食得正宗d, 果刻我覺得自己好似去jor 韓國咁。

The second one is the stone rice. Its taste is a bit sour and spicy. There is an interesting thing which the staff will come to serve this dish for you as it needs to mix the Korean sauce with rice in a Korean style. 

第三樣要講ge就係左上果個牛肉飯,比較清淡,岩曬d 唔喜歡食濃味ge 你,而d 牛肉都唔un, 炆到好lum。

The third one is the beef with rice. The taste is light and seems so healthy. Especially, the beef was cooked so well. alan_wong

第四樣就係呢個炒米粉,少少辣,味道都係不俗。呢個米粉值得嗌黎食ge 點就係食極都仲有好多,好come 食,可以兩個人share 一碟。

The fourth one is the fried rice vermicelli. It's a bit spicy. This dish can be shared by two people as the quantity of rice vermicelli. 蘿蔔湯夠清甜蘿蔔湯夠清甜


最後要講ge 就係個湯同d 配菜。個湯好岩食完飯先飲,因為個湯好清,飲完有一種好fresh ge 感覺。而d kimchi 辣得好過癮,個薯仔又整得好lum同清淡, 所以食曬都唔覺得膩。
The last one is the soup. The soup tastes fresh so it's better to drink after the meal. 


To sum up, it is worth to have meal in this restaurant due to the reasonable price and good quality of food.

The following information is about In Sa Dong Korean Restaurant

Address: Wei Chlen Court Wyler, 335 To Kwa Wan Road, To Kwa Wan 
電話:(852) 2364 1778
營業時間:星期一至日:11:00-15:00;17:30-23:00 (22:15截單)
Opening hour: Mon-Sun:11:00-15:00;17:30-23:00 (22:15 Last order)

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