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平食台灣口味 Taiwanese flavor in Yue Min Fong [ SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]


Today SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage Guidebook would like to introduce you a Taiwanese restaurant in To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong people love traveling to Taiwan during holiday, because of the convenient location and the food are delicious with an amazing price. In Hong Kong, there are good choices too.


Yue Min Fong is quite famous in To Kwa Wan, because the price is affordable, students always have lunch here.


You can see the restaurant environment is relaxing, the seat is comfortable to sit, so that you can enjoy food.


This time we had tried fried chicken noodle with red fermented bean curd and fried pork chop noodle with spicy salt.


The fried pork chop is very crunchy, the taste is more rich with spicy salt, and the flavor is very similar to the fried pork chop in Taiwan night market. Noodle is very chewy, it can definitely satisfy your appetite.


The chicken is also crunchy, full of succulent chicken lump. Usually we don't like fried chicken that is very dry, or full of fat, but this is definitely not. You will have another flavor when you baste the chicken with red fermented bean curd source.


There are some dishes and snacks in Hong Kong style beyond the Taiwanese food. Of course Taiwanese drinks is available in here, but the taste is middling.


The food quality in Yue Min Fong is very high but with an reasonable price, which is very high value for money. We highly recommend this restaurant.


新店地置   土瓜灣新山道六號

電話          2760 1872
營業時間   星期一至日 早上十一時至晚上十時

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