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沒女定女神就睇Tony Wong [ SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

拿!係沒女定女神就睇今鋪!要做女神呃like除左每日要早一個鐘起身化妝然後再影"Just woke up❤️"相上instagram之外,當然唔少得影甜品相!作為一個(偽)ABC女神,oh well,how can u食杯新地or糖水就算咖?要食,就一定要食九龍城嘅Patisserie Tony Wong!你懂的!
If you want to be a goddess among the world of internet, apart from taking a "Just Woke Up❤️" photo with full make up, you should take photos of dessert too! Be a successful goddess, we should come and visit Patisserie Tony Wong which located at Kowloon City! You know?

呢道Tiffany Blue嘅門口好搶眼,女神們一定要係度影多兩張長腿相!
This is the entrance of Patisserie Tony Wong with Tiffany blue! O-M-G!

There are different kinds of lovely cakes displayed in the fridge! SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage Guidebook want to try every single one of them!

As every women need to keep fit, we have ordered 2 of them:

Ruby Diamond
This diamond shaped cake was super cute! The outer layer was raspberry chocolate which perfectly matched the hazelnut cake inside! This gave a smooth and rich taste to us!

Chocolate Truffle Cake
We thought the chocolate truffle cake would be so sweet at the beginning! The chocolate came with a little bit bitter after taste plus the chocolate crisp, it just amazing!!

When you want to give a reply to your fans, just smile to the comment which is saying "How can you be so slim as you ate a lot?"


以下資料有關Patisserie Tony Wong:
The following information is about Patisserie Tony Wong:

地址: 九龍城福佬村道74號
Address: 74 Fok Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City

營業時間:星期一至日 11:00-21:00
Opening Hours: MON to SUN 11:00-21:00

電話Tel: 2382 6639

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