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EXP你唔係未食過呀!? [ spd4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

又返番黎主菜時間!!!! 今日 SPD4459 天長地九龍城區食家指南想同大家介紹一間好食到要講七次好食先表達到果種好食既餐廳 — EXP !!!! 呢間餐廳係邊? 其實就係九龍塘....可能你會心諗..下,乜九龍塘係屬於九龍城區既咩? SPD4459 天長地九龍城區食家指南會答你...經過我地精密調查,發現 九 龍 塘 係 屬 於 九 龍 城 區 架 !!!!!!!!!!!事不宜遲,等我講你知佢有乜好食啦!!!

Hello everyone!!!! Back to main course again! Today, SPD4459 Kowloon City District F&B guidebook would like to introduce a restaurant, EXP to you guys. This restaurant located in Kowloon Tong. You may wonder ' Does Kowloon Tong classify into Kowloon City District? '. According to SPD4459 Kowloon City District F&B guidebook's in depht investigation, we will answer you, YES! Kowloon Tong is part of Kowloon City District! Let's see what type of food are being introduced!

We have ordered 5 dishes this time. So Happy:)

烤豬頸肉沙律 Grilled pork neck salad 

UM...其實呢個我覺得都唔算係沙律,淨係得啲豬頸肉!不過冇所謂啦!!主菜都係個豬頸肉haha! 佢都烤得好,完全唔韌!!仲好多汁添!!!

er.... i don't think this is matched with salad....It's doesn't matter! The grilled pork neck's taste is still delicious:) 

烏卒卒帶子墨汁麵 Squid Ink Spaghetti with King 

呢碟意粉真係我最愛呀!!!!!!!(你見我POST 2張相就知啦!!哈哈哈哈) 勁好食!!超級好食呀!!!!個汁同個意粉味道好夾,再加埋啲配菜同個帶子簡直perfect match!不過食完會好飽因為佢個汁係好creamy...

It is my favorite dish!!!!!!The taste is very nice and very delicious!!! The sauce and the spaghetti are perfect matched with crab roe and yellow pepper! You must be full after this dish because the sauce is a bit creamy.

芝麻雞亦 Chicken Wings

呢個其實都幾普通, 價錢仲要都幾貴!!!唔係幾抵食!!!!唔建議你地叫!!!
Normal taste with high price! It is not worth to try!!

蒜香牛柳粒 Stir-fry Garlic Beef

佢份量唔係好多,但粒粒咬入口依然係好多汁,好Juicy!! 以質取勝!!!! 牛有牛味, 加上惹味的燒汁,真係好快就食晒!!!
A bit small quantity but those beef are juicy enough. NICE!

芒果柚子橙汁 Mango grapefruit juice


I am totally in love with this glass of juice! its taste is heavily on the taste of mango, it is very fresh and healthy! It is absolutely better than you drink Iced Lemon Tea!!!

芥末西冷牛肉 Mustard sirloin beef


The ingredients of this pizza are mushrooms, red pepper, yellow pepper, asparagus and mustard sauce. The size you can choose either thin or regular. We ordered a thin this time. The taste is nice and it is not spicy as we expected.

以下資料有關EXP: The following information is about EXP:

Shop 23, UG, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong

營業時間/Opening Hour:  Monday-Sunday 11:00-23:00

電話TEL: 22658298

Edited by Chan Ka Ching, Candice

Student of SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

Kowloon City District, Food and Beverage

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