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時新快餐店 Si Sun Fast Food [ SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

大家都知, 地球好危險; 食個M記都話有問題, 食又死,唔食又餓死, 今日SPD4459天長地九龍城食家指南既小編推介大家去一間好食得黎又大眾化既BURGER就冇死啦! 就係位於紅碪既時新快餐店喇 !
As we all know the issue about McDonald, SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage Guidebook wants to suggest you another choice of burger. Si Sun Fast Food in Hung Hom.
唔好睇佢門口裝飾好似平平無奇, 試下佢D 野食你就知佢點解咁出名!
Please don't judge it on its old-school decoration. The food will tell you another story!

話明漢堡出名, 我地一坐低就點左個雙層芝士蛋漢堡 加黑椒汁。一塊芝士你都唔會搵到因為已經溶左落塊熱辣辣既牛肉度。牛肉咬落好多汁, 個人認為配黑椒汁最夾, 少少辣但唔會搶左牛肉既味。個BURGER 就唔算好大個, 女仔都可以食得哂。
We ordered a best-selling item -- Double cheese egg burger with pepper sauce. You won't find a piece of cheese cause they're all melt on the ham. The ham is juicy and it is perfectly match with the pepper sauce. The size of the burger is not very large, it will be good fit for a girl.
但係我地食既時候, 佢岩岩炸起, 脆得黎唔會滴哂油咁, 合格!
The french fries is just like normal french fries. However, it is made to order, so it was still  smoking, and it was not oily. Tasty!

舊式香港小食店既必食之選 -- 炸雞脾!!!
呢隻金剛腿炸得好呀, 外面脆, 裡面保留到鮮嫩既肉質, 唔會炸到乾哂, 鞋烚烚。
A must-order item of traditional HK style fast food -- fried chicken leg.
This chicken leg is well fried; the skin is crispy and the texture of the meat is fresh and tender.

SPD4459天長地九龍城食家指南既小編試左三樣野, 樣樣都咁有水準,而且價錢合理。難怪呢間時新快餐店咁受POLYU既同學歡迎啦!
All the 3 items that SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage Guidebook ordered are great. That is the reason why Si Sun is so famous among students in PolyU !

Address: G/F, 1A Whampoa Street, Hung Hom
Operation hour: Mon-Sun 11:00-21:00

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