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小食篇:美味佳 Snack:Mei Mei Kai [ SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

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When we talk about Kowloon City, snack can't be ignored! Today SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage Guidebook chooses a snack shop to try their skewers.


There are more than 30 skewers we can choose and it's well worth it's value.

We have ordered :


牛油粟米,串燒雞全翼,燒豬頸肉。 Corns with butter, Grilled chicken wing, Grilled pork jowl meat

三樣都燒到岩岩好,唔會燒到黑晒燶晒!雞翼岩岩好離骨,啲肉好嫩滑!而豬頸肉加埋佢既調味料簡直係perfect match!但粟米如果多啲牛油會更加完美。食串燒無野飲會爭緊啲,所以老闆會提供飲品比大家自由選擇,埋單先計數。 The timing of grilling is good, therefore the chicken wing is so tender. The pork jowl meat and its sauce is perfect match, just like the lock and its only key! But the corns can add more butter to grill will be more tasty. OH! How can we eat without drink? You can choose what u want to drink in the fridge and pay at last!

另外仲叫左: Also we ordered :

呢個真係好推介,份量多,而且牛油完全滲入金菇裡面,一咬即刻feel到牛油係金菇體內跑出黎,重點係好爽口,唔會燒到淋晒! Enoki mushroom with butter is strongly recommend! All the butter is "go into" the mushroom, when you eat, the butter is "running out" from the mushroom. The feeling is extremely good and refreshing!

真材實料大大個茄子,無花無假!雖然唔夠入味,但燒到好淋好軟都幾好食! Grilled aubergine, the shop didn't cheat you, you can taste the big and whole aubergine. The dish will be more tasty if grilled it longer, but still tender and soft now.

Grilled Chinese chive. Not many people like this vegetable including me. But the sauce neutralize the strongly taste, so it is recommend to who didn't brave to try Chinese chive!

It should not be full after taste those skewers, the shop also provide cart noodles as well. We didn't try the noodles as we need to try other snacks, if you guys try the noodles, you may leave comment to tell SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage Guidebook the taste:)

以下係有關美味佳既資料: The following information are about Mei Mei Kai:
地址:紅磡寶其利街2號地下 G/F, 2 Bulkeley street, Hung Hom 電話/ Tel:9235 7213 營業時間/Opening hours:星期日休息; Close on Sunday

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