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識食一定係食小曼谷 [SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage]

九龍城有小泰國之稱,每條街都總會有2間泰國餐廳係你左近!真係多到唔知點揀好!!!!但有一間你冇食過你真係唔好話你去過九龍城食泰國野....今次spd4459 天長地九龍城區食家指南介紹比你既係小曼谷泰國美食..小編們果日六點鐘左右就已經到左!但餐廳入面已經有好多枱客仔!!!!嘩,一陣7,8點咪排隊排死人!!!真係早食早著!!哈哈

Kowloon city was called as ''mini-Thailand''. there are many Thai food restaurants in each street in Kowloon city. It is hard to choose one. However, there is a restaurant that you MUST try at least once!!That is Mini Bangkok Thai Food.We went the restaurant at around 6pm. and there were a lot of customers inside already. 

 一入去我地已經煩惱緊叫咩好!!!佢選擇又係好多!!!好想樣樣都叫!!!但盤川有限 :( 只可惜我地唔係李+X,何鴻燊啲仔仔/女女/孫仔/孫女,只係幾個窮書生為左做SPD4459份功課先有機會去食下好野.....[無限幻想完畢]  我諗我真係諗食咩諗到痴左線 lol.....講返我地究竟叫左啲咩野食先!!!我地總共叫左5樣野!![其實真係仲有好多野想叫:( ]

We  were quite vexed at what should we order. There were so many choices and we wanna order all of them!However, we had limited budget:( Therefore, we have just ordered 5 dishes in this time! Let's see what type of food we ordered:





Fresh Shrimp is one of the dishes that you must order in Thai food restaurant. Although the size of the fresh shrimp is big and also the sauce is good, we are disappointed because it didn't match with any garlic! Garlic is one of the important ingredients for fresh shrimp!

係我地好失望之際個冬陰公湯就黎左!!!飲完對小曼谷即刻加返分!!個湯好好飲,唔會好辣,酸度亦都岩岩好! 有位小編本身一啲辣都唔食,但佢今次竟然飲左3大碗!!可想而之個湯係幾咁吸引!!

Here comes to a soup - tom yum gung. The tasty is good and the level of spiciness and sourness are perfect! One of us was not a spicy lover, but she has finished 3 bowl of soup! It was unexpected! You can imagine how delicious it is. 

Vegetable with meet. the taste is nice and it may balance our sense of taste from those spicy dishes.

This one are called明爐烏頭魚 [ i dont know how to translate it to english...:( ] We need to wait until the soup boiled. It is quite special.

最後一碟就係咖哩炒大蜆,啲蜆真係好大隻,咖哩味唔會蓋過大蜆嘅鮮味!:) 同埋佢啲咖哩唔辣架!!配蒜蓉包一流!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last one is clam with curry. The size is really big and the taste of it would not be covered by the curry(no spicy). It is perfect match with garlic bread!


We were so full after the meal! It is worth to try because of good tasty with reasonable price.
[Reminder: there are several branches in Kowloon City, their name maybe have some differences but it is the same company!] 

The following information is about Mini Bangkok Thai Food:

營業時間/Opening Hour: 星期一至日: 12:00-02:00
                                           Monday to Sunday: 12 noon- 02:00 AM

地址/Address: 九龍城南角道9-11號地下
                        G/F, 9-11 Nam Kok Road, Kowloon City 

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