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米線都有三大定律 [SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

學校附近冇咩好食,每次食晏除左米線之外,就係米線,所以對於米線,小編都可以話係半個專家。係香港,稍為出名既米線除左譚記之外,好似都冇乜邊間為人熟悉。哈哈,咁就岩啦,就等spd4459 天長地九龍城區食家指南講你知有邊間米線係小編私心推介啦。

We don't usually have to much choices for lunch except from rice noodle. Therefore, I think I am a bit picky about rice noodle. However, there is not too much good choices for rice noodle beyond Tam in Hong Kong. That's right, let me tell you my personal recommendation in spd4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage Guidebook.


This restaurant has four chain store including To Kwa Wan. From my abundant experiences in rice noodle, I had generated a Rice Noodle Theory, then you know how to choose next time.


Theory no. one - soup
No matter what kind of noodle, soup is the critical ingredient to define whether it is a good one. You can see four choices for the soup, such as hot pot, chicken soup, hot and sour and spicy. You might say: I can't see any different from Tam's. When you look closely, you can choose the level of sour and spicy.


Theory no. two - rice noodle
The amount and softness of rice noodle are also an option to choice, even if you want oil free, in here, you can be fully satisfied. At that time, the amount of rice noodle was large that my boy friend could not finish either.

食米線就唔可能冇餸既,佢選擇非常多,但我話你知,你唔食呢到既腩肉,你不如唔好黎食,更加唔好同人講你食過雲貴川。當時我地四個人,四個都叫腩肉,唔洗我重申同recap in english啦掛?佢既酸菜亦都好值得一試,甜甜酸酸,老細話係秘製架。

Theory no. three - ingredients
You can't eat rice noodle without ingredients, there are many choices. Let me tell you, if you are not going to try the pork belly, you don't have to come here. At that time, we got four people and all of us order the pork belly for the rice noodle, then you can imagine how good it is. The pickled cabbage is also good to try, a bit sweet and sour, the boss said they have a secret recipe for pickled cabbage.


We had ordered spicy century egg and roast chicken wing. For the spicy century egg, the spice is heavy and taste so good. And chicken wing is crispy tender, however, I ate the chicken wing when it cool down, the flavor degraded a lot.


Weekend Weekly also mentioned it is the must try restaurant in 2014, this time I'm not going to describe the taste, after you try, tell me about how you feel, haha.

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