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「渝薌烤魚」之辣得過夠癮 [ SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

嘩嘩嘩!!!SPD4459 天長地九龍城區食家指南又有好介紹喇!今日就同大家介紹一間位於九龍城,名為「渝薌烤魚」既鋪頭! SPD4459

WOW!! SPD4459 Kowloon City food and beverage again!! Welcome back:). Today, we would like to introduce another type of restaurant in Kowloon City to you all. The restaurant is called Yu Heung Grilled Fish.


This restaurant is recommended by my friend who live in Kowloon City. Grilled Fish is the main dish in there. I am a fish and spiciness lover so I am very excited to try this restaurant. I can smell full of spiciness around the restaurant when I had arrived there. SPD4459


I have ordered a Spicy Grilled Fish in medium level with soybean sprouts. There provides different degree of spiciness for customer to choose. If you want to order a non-spicy one, you can choose Sichuan pickles flavor. You can see the pictures here, the size of the grilled fish is quite big and the level of spiciness will be greatly increased because the grilled fish keep boiling.  SPD4459




Apart from the grilled fish, i have ordered Tapioca Flour and cucumber. For the Tapioca Flour, the taste if out of my expectation because of the texture. I don't recommend you guys order this one! However, i highly recommend you to order Cucumber. The level of sourness is perfect and the taste is really good!! SPD4459

The following information is about Yu Heung Grilled Fish: SPD4459

G/F, 12 Nga Tsin Long Road,Kowloon City 

電話/Tel: 2382 4168    

營業時間/Opening Hour:
Monday to Sunday 11:30AM - 00:30AM

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