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地茂館甜品 Tei Mou Koon Dessert [ SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

Wawawa....最近天氣dry 到咁,係要wet下個人ge, 所以spd4459 天長地九龍城區食家指南今日又帶大家去食糖水!!!

The weather is extremely dry recenrly, therefore, a dessert shop is chosen to introduce for all of you in 
spd4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage Guidebook again.


From the decoration of this shop, you can know that it is a Hong Kong old-style dessert shop. I heard that many artists would come to this shop but unluckily I couldn't meet anyone.

睇個menu 其實選擇唔算多,但勝在種類夠傳統,對於成舊古老石山ge 小編黎講,真係合曬"何車"。

There are not many options but most of the desserts are traditional. However, I like the old things.

成班人食完飯,食埋個糖水就perfect, 但又太飽,所以嗌3個糖水share 就岩岩好喇!!!而我地叫jor 腐竹蛋糖水,芝麻糊,蛋白燉鮮奶。

After having dinner, go to have dessert will be more perfect of the whole day. We ordered 3 desserts on that night. 


Bean curd stick and ginkgo seeds soup with boiled egg is an old style dessert which can be matched with different ingredients.

芝麻糊睇相就覺得"杰", 食落就知係自家磨黑芝麻製成,實在係難能可貴,皆因磨芝麻太花功夫,但利潤唔高,所以而家自家磨芝麻糊真係買少見少。

The sesame seed sticks could be known as home-made dessert after you tried once. Moreover, it is scarcity to have this home-made dessert due to the troublesome processes with low cost.

蛋白燉鮮奶:一個字,"滑"!!! 但小編略嫌偏甜,但係呢個super dry ge 天氣下,sweet 下都無壞ge....haha

Finally, this one tasted really good. I think it was a bit sweet but glad to have this during the super dry weather. 

總括黎講,係呢間野食甜湯真係算價錢實惠,但小編就不太滿意服務,只不過呢到都係hea 時間ge 落腳點,事關當日小編一行人,由19:30坐到21:00都唔係多人,所以要 gathering 就唔洗揀殘廁喇!!!

To conclude, the price of dessert is reasonable but I am unsatisfied with the service. However, it still is a cool place for us to spend time since we went there from 19:30 to 21:00 before and not many people came during this period.  

The following information is about Tei Mou Koon Dessert :

Address: 47 Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City
電話 / Tel.:(852) 2382 5004

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