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帕維亞意大利餐廳 Pavia [ spd4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

泰國野我地SPD4459 天長地九龍城區食家指南都介紹得多啦, 今日介紹間意國菜啦。Pavia 除左食佢食物之外, 氣氛都係佢既一大賣點, 睇下佢門口裝修得幾靚就知。
We have recommended several thai food restaurants, we chose a Italian food restaurant this time. Besides the Italian cuisines, we love the atmosphere there a lot. See, the front door is quite grand.
個口門整到咁靚, 入面當然都唔差啦。入到黎個感覺好舒服, 又靜, 岩哂我呢D斯文又又內斂既人喇。 :$
The decoration inside is also elegant. A comfortable, silent restaurant is perfect for a fine dinner.
睇下D 調味料, 都係好特別架, 可見呢度既老闆係幾有心思同埋有要求。學咪咪姐話齋:乜野都隨隨便便, 點會有人比面!
Look at these seasonings, we can see that the owner is passionate in these details.

頭盤先試左個雞肉沙律, 咁我諗不用多講啦, 只能講佢賣相好好, 食完就令我地更加期待其他野食:P
Chicken salad. I guess i don't need to introduce too much. The look is good, it stimulates our hunger ! :P
呢個係南非生蠔, 中意食蠔既就不妨豪一次!  小篇對蠔就唔係話好有研究, 本身都係普普通通, 唔算好鐘意食, 但係試左呢度既蠔之後就愛上左! 果陣味真係留係口腔入面好耐,而且味道唔會太濃, 個人認為好岩好似小篇呢D 食蠔新手。
South Africa Oyster. I am sure you would like it if you are oyster lover. We don't know much about oyster, even not like it much. However, i was addicted to oyster after trying this. The taste is not too strong but it stay in the mouth for a really long time.
香草燒羊架!呢個羊架燒得好均勻, 成舊都係好林, ,而且又唔會太生或太熟, 究竟係點做到既呢!!! 個羊架都好有香草味,所以一D都唔"SO"。真係好好味, 食到小篇骨都"LUN" 埋呀! :P
This lamb rack is well-roasted, it is very soft, but not over or under-cooking. We love it so much that we even wanna finish it with the bones!

p.s.仲有值得一讚既係呢度既侍應都好nice好有禮貌 : )
One more thing is great is that the waiters are very nice and polite.


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星期六至日Sat - Sun: 12:00-23:00

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