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我要食糖水 Dessert Movement [ SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

話咁快又入秋啦,我地SPD4459 天長地九龍城區食家指南既小編呢排每到秋冬就成日都覺得自己好肚餓,食完個夜晚飯都覺得唔係好夠飽。好啦好啦,小編們認自己好大食,既然要食,就去食間好既!今日去紅磡食一間多年老字號糖水鋪。

It’s the time of autumn, I always feel hungry during autumn and winter, even if I finished the dinner. OK, I admit I have big appetite, so let’s go have some dessert to eat in Hung Hom.


Chung Kee Dessert is very famous and everyone should have heard about her. I am so out of date that I don’t know Chung Kee owns a store in Hung Hum, when I was a child living in Cheung Sha Wan, I must have one Chung Kee dessert with my parents at night, and I seldom have dessert nowadays, so I decided totry it again.

係松記,唔可能唔食佢既招牌summer。佢價錢好相宜,有兩球自選雪糕,仲有好多水果打底,加埋煙煙un un既西米同香甜既芒果汁,係出面真係好難呢個價錢食到。相信都好多人食過,雖然好似好多雜畢甩既野放晒入去,但係將全部野撈埋一齊食果時,會覺得好味到好似寵壞緊自己味蕾咁。

In Chung Kee, you must try the most famous dessert, SUMMER. It is very value with price, you can select two ice-cream flavors, it comes with different fruit and sago at the bottom, sweet mango sources at top, it is difficult to have this quality in this price range. Probably most of you had tried this before, it consists of many ingredients, when you mix them all well, you will feel like spoiling your tongue.

Dumpling is a must have item if you want to have something warm for dessert in winter. Usually you will have five flavors only, in Chung Kee, you will have six flavors, such as custard, sesame, peanut and red bean stuffing etc. It doesn't really sweet, so you won’t feel guilty after finishing the dumpling.

松記其實仲有好多招牌糖水,例如幻彩明珠,哈囉,款款都係都好多年歷史。中式糖水都有好多選擇,例如燉蛋燉奶,桂圓蓮子蛋茶。同埋松記都成日研發新既糖水,有咖啡木糠布丁,雪糕拉麵,岩晒鐘意試新野既人。其實單係靠我地幾個係唔可能介紹得晒咁多咁多咁多款糖水,不如你地都去試下,介紹返比我地SPD4459 天長地九龍城區食家指南轉頭啦,哈哈。

Chung Kee has a lots more famous dessert, such as Colour Pearl, Hello, these all have their die-hard fans. For Chinese dessert, you also have many choices, such as longan lotus seeds and egg tea. Besides, Chung Kee also invests new dessert all the time, such as coffee biscuit mousse, ice-cream ramen etc. Good for people who like to try something new. Be honest, we can’t try these all by ourselves because there are so so much of choices, why don’t you try and introduce us, haha.

店鋪資料 Restaurant information :

地址 Address :
Shop C110, G/F, Whampoa Building, Ming On Street, Hung Hom
電話 Telephone :
2333 0694
營業時間 Opening hour :
星期一至日 Mon to Fri 1400-0200

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