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First stop: Islam Food 第一站:清真牛肉館 [ SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

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嚟啦嚟啦!!!!SPD4459天長地九龍城食家指南既小編第一篇美食指南想同大家介紹清真牛肉館(Islam Food)。呢間餐廳位於九龍城中心地帶,數街之隔已經有兩間店,其中一間為總店!今次去嘅呢間係打鼓嶺道分店。

WOW!!! This is the first article of SPD4459 Kowloon city f&b guidebook!! We want to introduce you a restaurant which is Islam Food. It located at the centre of Kowloon city. There are two branches and one of it is the main store. We went to the branch which located at tak ku ling road in this evening.

The outlook of Islam Food

Spacious space, it would be more comfortable for dinner


Islam Food serves certified Halal food and PORK & ALCOHOL ARE NOT ALLOWED at Islam Food Restaurant. OK! Now, we would like to introduce four dishes to you in the following content.

牛肉餅喺佢嘅招牌菜之一,都喺客人們必點菜式。牛肉餅外層煎得又香又脆,皮厚薄適中。咬開完全喺肉汁同牛肉, 真喺名不虛傳嘅又多汁又好食!正!而且牛肉肉味香濃,湯汁正是牛肉嘅精華。咬開真係會爆汁架!!!(小TIPS:食果時喺頂部小小的咬一口, 讓熱氣從洞裡透出, 因為內裡嘅湯汁十分燙口, 好容易就會燙親口舌。)

Beef Patties is one of its signature dishes. It is the MUST order item. Crispy side and juicy beef with  rich and flavorful sauce. (Friendly reminder: be careful of eating this beef patties because  all the sauce will spill out when you eat!) It is very delicious.So nice! 


This dish is a type of soup with some vegatable and meat. Delicious!

The third dishes is fried fish with sauce. The taste is very good! It is also one of its signature dishes!

The last dish is curry beef. Moderate spiciness. It is perfect match with rice! Yummy!!

Actually, we were so full after finished these four delicious dishes. There are still many items that we haven't try but we believe that it would be as good as those four dishes. :) We must come back next time!!!!

The following infomation is about Islam Food

總店地址 :九龍城龍崗道1號地下 - 周生生證券側
Main store: G/F, No. 1 Lung Kong Rd, Kowloon City - Next to Chow Sang Sang Securities
電話:(852) 2382 2822 / 2382 8928
Opening hour: 11a.m.-11p.m

分店地址 :九龍城打鼓嶺道33-35號地下
Another branches: G/F, No. 33-35 Tak Ku Ling Rd, Kowloon City
電話:(852) 2382 1882
Opening hour: 11:30a.m-11:30a.m


Edited by Chan Ka Ching, Candice

Student of SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

Kowloon City District, Food and Beverage

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