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同心泰國菜館 Ruamjai Thai Restaurant [ SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

作為一個香港人,無理由唔知九龍城係食泰國菜 ge 核心地帶,係呢到開得ge泰國餐廳十居其九都係正宗泰國人開,所以唔洗驚食到d 偽泰菜。就係因為咁,所以一連兩日都寫泰國菜,而SPD4459天長地九龍城食家指南既小編今次就揀jor 呢間叫"同心泰國菜館"。

As a Hong Kong people, you won't know Kowloon City is the main center of Thailand food. Most of the Thai restaurants in Kowloon city are managed by local Thai people. Therefore, you can have traditional Thai food there. The below restaurant  was chosen to introduce to you. 

唔講咁多,入正題先。食泰菜要知間野用料掂唔掂,就梗係要食"生蝦"。呢到d 生蝦極新鮮,大大隻,入口鮮甜,完全無雪味,而且配埋個勁辣ge 醬,簡直係"perfect match"!!!

Prawn sashimi was the crucial dish to define a Thai restaurant's quality of food. As you can see from the photo, the prawns were in large size and it tasted so fresh. However, prawns and the sauce were "Perfect Match" as the sauce was spicy enough.   

唔好睇佢係一碟平平無奇ge 通菜,通常最普通ge 餸先愈見廚師真章。呢碟菜廚師用馬拉盞炒,惹味得黎但又不失通菜ge 新鮮。一個字:正!!!!

A normal dish can be a challenge to a chief. Therefore, a fried vegetable can test a chiefs' ability and I totally satisfied with this dish. It is because the vegetable didn't over-cooked and tasted very fresh. 

SPD4459天長地九龍城食家指南既小編向來唔太喜歡當中香茅陣味,但呢到d 香茅用得岩岩好,唔會太重味,而湯入面d 海鮮ge 鮮甜完全滲入個湯同其他配料。再加上酸酸辣辣咁,愈飲愈開胃,會忍唔住non-stop 咁飲。

Tom Yum Goong is a must for having Thai food. The soup was a bit sour and spicy so it tasted so good. Moreover, there was some seafood to make the other ingredient became more umami. 


呢個生菜包又係不得了,d 肉碎炒到一粒粒、d 生菜新鮮不在話下,食落有驚喜。頭一啖食覺得無咩野,點知d辣係慢慢係個口到滲出黎,辣到飲10杯水都解唔到辣,但真係好味到你唔會放棄食佢。

This dish is some meat added with the vegetable. When you bite a bit, you won't feel anything at first but spicy will come up after a few seconds. That's a surprise of this dish.  


成餐飯食jor咁多辣野,梗係要食返個地道泰國甜品芒果糯米飯黎解下辣 la~~~ 呢碟野唔係太甜,芒果好甜好多汁,糯米飯又好煙韌,合曬

After having so many spicy food, we need to have some dessert for balancing our tasty. This is a glutinous rice with mango which is a famous dessert in Thailand. It was not too sweet so
SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage Guidebook like it so much. I will re-order this when I go to this restaurant again. 


總括:d 餸辣得好過癮,個甜品係完美句號。

To sum up, the dishes were spicy enough and the dessert was the perfect ending of this dinner. 

The following information is about Ruamjai Thai Restaurant:

電話(Tel.):(852) 2716 4588

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