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媽媽今天不必擔心我 豬油撈飯味道是如何 Tso Choi [ SPD4459 Kowloon City District Food and Beverage ]

唉,因為689,依家啲年輕人都搬哂去金鐘旺角長住,的而且確會令到一班係家中嘅孟母好擔心,究竟你地係街外有冇啖飽飯落肚咖呢?今日!媽媽s終於不必擔心我!因為spd4459 天長地九龍城區食家指南, 我地已經搵到粗菜館為我地嘅落腳點喇! SPD4459
WOW!! SPD4459 Kowloon City food and beverage again!! However, because of some political problem, teenagers have moved to live in Admiralty or Mong Kok. It makes their mom worried about them. Today! We have to tell our mom that we’ve found a reliable restaurant to have our dinner from spd4459 Kowloon city district food and beverage guidebook! It is Tso Choi which located in Kowloon City ! SPD4459

粗菜館!故名思義係用簡單嘅材料煮出黎嘅家常菜!但是這樣的,一向都話,越普通嘅菜式先越見真章!一眼望過去,密密麻麻嘅就係一眾Starsssss嘅親筆簽名,是咪巧叻叻呢?係咁,就等我地一試佢嘅功力有幾深厚啦!嘿~~~ SPD4459
The dishes of Tso Choi are made with normal ingredients. However, the simplest is always the most difficult to make! With lots of celebrities’ s signatures on the wall, we must try their dishes to see how delicious are they! SPD4459

炒豬雜 SPD4459

Fried Pork Offal SPD4459

炒豬雜就係呢一間餐廳嘅招牌菜之一!豬肚豬腰等等充滿住薑葱醬料同米酒嘅味道,好惹味呀!入味得黎又保存到豬雜應有嘅Juicy!其實⋯⋯仲好食過我媽媽煮呀! SPD4459
Fried pork offal is the signature dish of Tso Choi! It stir fried with a lot of seasoning to make it smell so good! The source of offal came out with every bite on it! Actually..Tso Choi cooks much more better than my mom.. SPD4459

蔡瀾鹹魚醬蒸豆腐 SPD4459
Steamed Tofu with Brined Fish Source SPD4459

This special dishes made with the secret brined fish source which invented by Mr. Cailan. The unique taste of brined fish was a perfect match with tofu! SPD4459

豬油撈飯 SPD4459
Lard with Rice SPD4459

豬油撈飯細細個就聽過老人家提起,話當時窮,有飯食已經偷笑。但最後,我發覺你地呃人嘅!豬油有種好獨特嘅香味,令到平平無奇嘅白飯搖身一變變咗黯然銷魂飯,貢好味都得喎?再加上少少醬油,我發覺我可以食多一碗啊! SPD4459
Lard with rice was eat by the poor in the history. Actually, the lard can bring a soften taste and yummy smell to a simple rice! With a little bit of soya source, I would like to have one more bowl of rice please! SPD4459

Wow! Delicious dishes can make by simple ingredients which can be found in our home as well! My mom don’t have to worry about me anymore! SPD4459


The following information is about Tso Choi: SPD4459

地址/Address: SPD4459
G/F 17A Nga Tsin Wai Rd, Kowloon City 
電話/Tel: 2383 7170 
營業時間/Opening Hour: 
星期一至星期日 Monday to Sunday 11:30AM - 00:00 
Kowloon City District, Food and Beverage 

Edited by Tang Chor Kwan, Tybal SPD44594459
Student of SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

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